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Gifts; My Fridge Door

New Years is here and Christmas is over. But Christmas cards and letters from family and friends keep appearing in my mailbox. Often, stashed within these bundles of good cheer and blessing, there's a family picture. I like that. I take those pictures and stick them to my fridge. 
This morning, while retrieving some milk for my tea, I looked at all those pictures; church family, biological family, "adopted" family, the children I used to care for, and other friends, and I rejoiced. How incredibly gracious and kind of God to give me so many people! 
He knows that I need people and He has provided the perfect amount of varying individuals to challenge and encourage me where I am, right now. Some of them drive me nuts and some are like a glass of cold water on a hot day. Both are important so that I can grow in godliness. 

At the start of 2017, I met for a breakfast date with a dear friend who had a joyful face. Last night I ended the year with a couple who have become good fr…
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Gifts; Women

The women in my life are amazing and I thank the Lord for them(almost) daily .

There's the woman who thinks hard and deep, then asks me things like "do you think we'll know each other in heaven?" The woman who is going through deep waters and yet her heart is calm because she's taking the Lord at His Word, and believes He has only the best planned for His people. The woman who is a good secret-keeper. The woman how has an opinion about everything. The woman who hurts for others and the woman who takes charge. The woman who never wants to offend anyone. The woman who's life cry is "speak Lord, for your servant hears" and then opens her Bible expectantly. The woman struggling mentally, the woman who is hurt deeply, and the woman with bags under her eyes as her children run. There are women who look like they've got it all together and women who openly ask for prayer. Some are raw and open, others struggle to share their hearts.

All these different…

Gifts; Tables and Couches

It was warm summer night when two dear ladies entered my home. We sat in the living room; them with drinks to sip and a baby to bounce between them and me with some towels to finish folding. We talked about our lives, about God, about hard things and funny things.  It was here that we learned how to pray for one another. 
Recently, I sat in other woman's home, this time with me drinking tea and she folding the laundry. But again, we talked. And again, we learned how to pray for each other. 
I am so thankful for my own couch and table but also for the couches and tables of my friends. It is here, sisters-in-Christ, that we see life through another's eyes. It is here that we learn the struggles and joys of others and it is here that we learn what to take to the throne of grace when we pray for our church families. 

It is because of these times that I can now pray that Sheila would have grace to love and enjoy her children, that Marcy would have strength for her difficult job, that …

Gifts; A Flat Tire

"Becca, you know your tire is flat, right?"

Right... No, I did not know that. In order to know my tire was flat I would need to be an observant human being about such things. But there it was. Quite flat. Stink.

The next day was Sunday so my friend offered to pick me up for church. Our church starts at 10:00am. She showed up at 10:04.

Stinky stink.

I am never late. (When I say I am never late you may be rolling your eyes but the real truth is that in order for me to be late something must go drastically wrong.) So we walk into church and you can tell the faith family is relived that we're alive. After the service people want to know what happened and by the end of this Sabbath everyone knows I have a flat tire. (When I say everyone it's not an exaggeration, I'm a member of a pretty small church.)

Four men offered to change my tire. That means four wives were willing to come over, some with tired children, to wait while their man changed my tire.

And though I had …

Gifts; Plants and Fish

I recently bought a fish. He's a red betta. Red, because it's pretty. A betta because the lady at the pet store said they're the hardest to kill. We're pals. I also have an assortment of houseplants. (I do best with the kind that you don't have to water all the time.) 

It's fun. I like living things (it really is best if they're hard to kill). While the diversity and beauty of living things is a HUGE blessing, that isn't the biggest gift my fish and plants give to me. Their greatest benefit for my soul is the fact that they do what God created them to do without complaint.

God created fish to swim. My fish is quite content with his lot in life; he does not rebel against the Maker by trying to escape the bowl. He must understand that God has put him there for his own good, not his detriment.  

The plants sit in their respective window sills and shelves, some enjoying the sun, some enjoying less of the sun. They produce oxygen and filter the air. They are do…

Gifts; Community

Community. defines community as;
asocialgroupofanysizewhosemembersresideinaspecificlocality, share government,andoftenhaveacommonculturalandhistorical heritage.
It's people who live in the same area, with a common government and share a common culture or history. But at it's core community means people. It's peopleliving together in the midst of the mess and chaos and beautiful of our days.
Human beings are interesting creatures. We come in all shapes and sizes with varying quirks, gifts, and flaws. We don't all struggle with the same thing but we do all struggle. We aren't all good at the same thing but we are all good at something. 

Gifts; Being Tired

It is 9:49 P.M. This week has been pretty intense, what with a strange kind of eye infection for the almost-three-year-old, school ending for my emotional-miss-my-teacher-already-and-I-saw-her-thirty-minutes-ago nine and seven year-olds, and to put a cherry on top of this week of crazy; the four-year-old has a black eye.

And it's only Thursday. With tomorrow being our first official day of summer holidays who knows what will happen?

I am tired.

My body is tired from getting up early. My brain is tired from listening to small children say the same thing over and over and over again (and when I hide in the bathroom they find me and say the same things over and over and over again only this time it's through the door). And my heart is tired from caring about four little souls who need Jesus and my friend who just found out she has cancer and what about that friend stuck in a bad relationship?

And you know what? I tell God I'm tired. And this is what H…